Balloon Popping Simulator


The hottest new game of 2019!

A super exciting, fast-paced balloon popping simulator where you try to pop as many balloons as you can! You MUST play to get the whole experience!

Pop balloons to get a high score, and a secret surprise may be in store!

Where did all these balloons come from? Lets pop them for fun!

Increase your score as you pop balloons, and there could be a surprise waiting for you!


Pop balloons as fast as you can!

★ Easy to play, hard to master!

SECRET game modes!

★ Multiple balloon colors!

Awesome sound effects!

★ All levels completely FREE TO PLAY! NO ADS!

★ Play on PC, Mac, and Android!

Balloon Pop Example


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★★★★★ "I loved the ending of this thrilling game!" -Adrienne C.

★★★★ "My favorite game from HackUCI" -Justin L.

★★★★★ "It's so addicting" -Joseph

Rated T for Teens: May contain violence, crude humor

Development Process


Our team used Unity to create our game. Creating this game is the first time that any of our team members have used Unity to create a game, so there was a learning curve throughout the duration of the project as we started to familiarize ourselves with using Unity. The creation of our game was slower than ideal and our game may have less features than other teams' games due to our own lack of experience, but we are proud that we successfully managed our time throughout the hackathon and planned our application appropriately in order to create a complete prototype of our game by the end of the weekend. Despite the difficulties of learning to use Unity for the first time, all of our team members were very excited about learning to use a new tool, and we are all interested in using Unity for future projects to gain more experience using Unity.

Design Considerations

Since one of our target platforms for our game was mobile, we made sure to make most font sizes for text in our game large enough to read comfortably on both desktop and mobile smartphone devices. Instructions in the game are kept very concise and clear in order to facilitate a streamlined experience while users play our game. Buttons are also made large enough to comfortably press on both mobile and desktop platforms. The theme and storyline of our game was also carefully curated to appeal to UC Irvine students by referencing recent current events involving the school, but is also still fun to play and humorous to all users.

End Result

Our team was able to successfully complete the two main sections of the game that we initially planned, consisting of the balloon popping game in the first half of the game and the infinite runner game in the second half. We were also able to create a short ending animation to wrap up the entire game. We successfully exported and tested our game on Android, which worked very well as we expected. Although there are a few portions of the game where we want to add more refinements and features, we created a solid, complete prototype for our game that works very well and is fun to play.

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