Inspiration: We were inspired by all the youth around us and we all enjoyed Balloons Tower Defense during our time. So we decided to make a similar version of it.

What it does: It is a series of 21 rounds of balloons coming and your goal is to pop them them the balloons come off the path.

How I built it: We had 5 people working together to use python to come up with the project.

Challenges I ran into: At first, we tried to use Java but our thoughts and goals for the program were too complicated and took too much time, but we were not coming up with anything so we had to switch to python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We accomplished a seemingly impossible task in a limited amount of time with limited people at work.

What I learned: We learned not to overthink at first and we learned how to use the resources at hand and to maximize efficiency.

What's next for BalloonClicker5000: We are looking to further improve graphics and to make an actual version of balloons tower defense.

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