Inspired by LeetCode and a tradition of getting together to solve problems with friends.

What it does

It brings players together in a lobby and gives everyone a series of random coding questions. To start, everyone has 15 minutes to solve... but as soon as someone passes a test case, time is set to 3 minutes.

How I built it

We divided up the work into roles: frontend, backend, and data collection. We started by identifying how we wanted the game to work, building a user flow, and sticking to a minimum viable product.

Challenges I ran into

Avoiding feature creep and perfectionism is super tough. Collecting and cleaning data, plus verifying problem solutions was also a tedious process to figure out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing all but one of the major features we planned.

What's next for Ballmer's Party

We bought our domain for the foreseeable future and we really want to play a full game... so we'll continue working on features to make the game more exciting.

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