COVID-19 has led to many of us being stuck at home and unable to play the sports we love. Me and my partner both love to play basketball and we struggled to find a court that was empty enough to ensure everyone's health and safety

What it does

This app keeps a record of all the basketball courts nearby, maintained by its community. It contains some basic information such as the court's location, the number of hoops it has...Most importantly though, we added in a waitlist that users can use to keep track of the people who are at the basketball court, and the time they arrived at.

How we built it

The whole project was built using React.js, with Firebase Firestore as its backend database

Challenges we ran into

It was surprisingly difficult to build a React.js app, and to hook it all up to the database, given neither of us had a lot of experience. We spent many hours debugging and reading documentations to understand lifecycles in React, which could've been spent on more hacking instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite how lost and tired we felt at times, we were able to push through and make a working project at the end. It's not perfect, but we feel that the original idea we had was implemented in a fundamental way, and we've set ourselves up for further improvements

What we learned

Managing data in React.js, managing time and resources efficiently

What's next for BallBuddy

We plan to keep on improving this web app, mainly going to focus on creating features that are going to make it easier for the user to monitor and see the traffic for each court. We hope to one day launch this as an actual app that other basketball players can use and benefit from. Of course, we also plan on expanding the features to include other sports facilities and offer the similar benefits to a wider audience.

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