We got the inspiration from the EVA bra, this bra catches the early signs of breast cancer. Our product catches the early signs of Testicular Cancer for males.

What it does

The device alerts a user of a wider scope of illnesses ranging from potential infertility to testicular cancer and lymphoma. It does this using a temperature sensor which would ideally be integrated into a person's underwear. It would measure the temperature of their testicles which normally differs from the temperature of the rest of the body.

How we built it

We integrated a temperature sensor into a Raspberry Pi. This sensor collects the data and post it on a site using flask/python. Our phone app would then get this data and analyze it according to some research and former data.

Challenges we ran into

Collecting the data was a bit of a challenge. Our phone would want instantaneous updates, but the sensor could only return data so quickly. We solved this problem by making our json show the most previous accepted value rather than just a null object that is returned when the sensor can't draw info quick enough.

Future Implementation

Future implementation would probably be more discrete technology with a watch battery to power the device for an extended period of time. Instead of using IP, we'd switch the device to a lower power, more accessible signal: cellular signal. Future prospects of the project include applying machine learning in order to track abnormalities from the person's normal activity rather than from just the healthy medium, as some people may just have different average temperatures than others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the research put into this project. This project was solely based on research and that's why we can use it to educate users about what we learned through the measurement of the temperature of the testicles.

What we learned

This taught us a lot more about IoT and how valuable research is for a project.

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