This is a take on the childhood game, ball in a cup! Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two aspects of the tech field that we foresee taking off, so to speak. The Merge Cube won the Consumer Electronics Show, which means that there will most likely be a lot of progress in the field of AR/VR development.

What it does

It allows the user to use a Merge Cube to simulate a cup with a ball and string attached to it. The user holds the cup and swings the ball around until it lands in it. Once the user successfully places the ball into the cup, fireworks are launched.

How we built it

We used Asset store to find models and Unity to refine them with a little scripting in C#.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to simulate and debug without the actual cube was difficult. We used images of the cube on an iPad and paper to workaround this problem. However, the application did not always properly detect our makeshift cube due to inaccuracies on in the pictures used. The rope also gave some issues since the individual defining the rope caused strange clipping issues and physics bugs at certain angles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working around the problems, splitting the roles evenly, and bringing everything together in a short amount of time, despite working with unfamiliar software.

What we learned

AR will definitely produce a multitude of software and consumables within the next 10 years. We're excited to see its application and now know we would like to be a part of it.

What's next for Ball in a Cup!

Smoother physics and fewer bugs. Implement a variety of objects and twists that bend the gameplay in new ways.

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