I'm a software engineer who works at home. One of the most distracting things is receive calls every five minutes. Balcony can help people to focus on their task until they want to be contact.

What it does

They save your current status until you change it. Whit simple voice commands like " Alexa tell balcony I'm Busy" your team mates can ask first to Alexa before they call you by phone. "Alexa is Jonh Titor Available?"

Alexa: John Titor is busy.

How I built it

Balcony has two main parts, the website to let people update their status if don't have an amazon echo or Alexa device near. And create work teams because Balcony only let you know status of people in your team.

The second part is the Alexa Skill, was developed with alexa-sdk-api and amazon lambda in node.

Challenges I ran into

Learn to develop an Amazon Skill, was so funny.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The challenge of learn how to develop an amazon Skill and connecting with my system.

What I learned

How Alexa works, and how important is to let people know if you're busy. We have a lot of distracting devices but instead take your phone and send a message and then you find scrolling facebook. With simple voice commands you can focus on your task.

What's next for Balcony

I will develop an app for iphone and android.

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