As we know, one of the most effective ways of fighting Coronavirus is social distancing. The cultural scene is the first to be impacted by these measures: all Theatres, cinemas and concert halls have been closed, along with the cancellation of all cultural events programmed in the next months. As a result, artists find themselves without an audience and the public has no more cultural distractions that are not virtual.

The idea would be to bring the artists into the streets, allowing them to safely perform for people watching from their balconies and windows.

The main concept would be to create an online platform, presenting a catalogue where users can choose an artistic performance to take place in their street. When choosing a performance, the user will agree to pay for it. The scheduling will depend on the amount collected (and therefore on the interest). The architecture will use and valorize the players and artistic institutions (Theatres, concert halls...) already present in the region.

What have we done?

  • Brainstorming and understanding of the problem we need to solve
  • Beginning of the business study, understanding the targets.
  • Questionnaires for a market study
  • Definition of the main features and requirements of the app
  • Mockup with the main functionalities
  • Highlight of the main constraints of this project

Business case


Challenges we ran into

  • Week-end and short period: Difficult to start the market study
  • Only 3 people (started with 2 people), only one computer scientist -> Impossible to start coding the app
  • We are not expert in the domain, we don't know all the legal issues (Would have been great to have legal advisors for this hackathon)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The idea
  • Produce a decent concept
  • Working with a team of people we didn't know.
  • Working remotely with no physical contact

What we learned

A lot :

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Remote work
  • Defining a complex idea, organizing and prioritizing the elements

What's next?

  • Validate the market study and business plan
  • Start a collaboration with "Ville de Lausanne" and other cultural institutions to see the project is feasible
  • Exploring security issues
  • Start coding the app
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