We were inspired to create BALANCED as a result of our shared experiences during these almost 9 months of working from home. We found that our own work-life balance had been drastically changed since we changed our modality of work and school. To alleviate the stress that an improper work-life balance could bring, we created BALANCED, a website that has resources to improve productivity and lessen the stress from the new work-life balance. We named it "BALANCED" to represent what it could do to help users from all different backgrounds after they used it.

What it does

BALANCED is a resource for users can access to use a Pomodoro timer, learn about procrastination, or write notes to themselves.

How we built it

When building BALANCED, our team used JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS, as well as some Google Charts APIs for chart data visualization. We worked together through the platform, where we collaborated on the code for our website through our browsers. We began by creating the bare format of our website, and then building upon it. We added formatting and other features, as well as API functionality with our data visualization. We also finished the JavaScript backend. After all, this was completed, we created a repository on GitHub to contain all of our code.

Challenges we ran into

While developing BALANCED, we did come across multiple bumps in the road. One of the challenges we ran into was implementing our Google Calendar API that would have required users to log into Google to view their own Google Calendars. We also had some difficulty getting the data visualization chart on the home page to work and implementing the timer to countdown, but we were able to fix it after working together through debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While a few members were somewhat familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, each member of the Authentech team has come out of working on this project with new knowledge of different language syntax and functionality. Deciding what we wanted for our website was an arduous task, and implementing those desires was another beast. However, we were able to reach the final version of BALANCED through our teamwork and hard work. We are all former Kode With Klossy scholars, and that shared experience allowed us to work together well to accomplish our goals.

What we learned

Each member of team Authentech learned something different from working on BALANCED together. We were exposed to new APIs and their possibilities, as well as how to visualize data and create timers using JavaScript. We learned about our own weaknesses and strengths, as well as how we could improve our own coding processes in the future.

What's next for BALANCED

The next step for BALANCED is to implement the Google Calendar API functionality into the website and add more data to fully drive home our point that no user is alone in wanting to be more productive. In the future, the team hopes to include customizable times, stop the time with the button instead of taking us to the home page, debug the CSS of the timer, and save a record of the time. With that improvement, BALANCED could become more useful as a tool to improve users' work-life balance. Team Authentech hopes to improve and adapt the BALANCED website as time goes on, so that it can be more useful to its users in the future.

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