We want to create a tool that helps people not to waste money that they don't have, manage their expenses and income, and manage their money wisely.

What it does

It tracks your bank account information, allows you to schedule bills and paychecks, and allows you to set a minimum acceptable balance for your bank account. When you shop with Amazon and when you head to make your purchase, the extension will check the total amount you will have to pay and will give you a warning if the total is over your configured minimum balance.

How I built it

We built with Capital One Nessi Api, JavaScript, JQuery

Challenges I ran into

Internet WiFi Problem, Comming up with Idea, Time Management, BrainDumb

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned how to use JavaScript in one night Learn how to build Google Chrome Extension

What I learned

JavaScript, Teamwork, Tasks division and estimation, Team communication

What's next for Balance Tracker

Actually getting it to work the way we aim to. Embed a calendar interface that show the user's bills and deposit information.
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