Inspiration/ Problem findings

As students, we find it hard to strike a school and life balance. Especially in this pandemic, we find it hard to keep track of what we are doing with our busy schedules. There are various apps for productivity, and self-care, but not one that combines both to help us create a balance in education and activity.

What it does

The app has features such as live study sessions, mood tracker, and chatbot that cares about the user and motivates them.

Technologies used (Learned)

Prototype: Figma Website: Wix Feature development: Android Studio, Kotlin, Gitkraken

Challenges we ran into

Time difference: Among four of us, two of us are in IST and the others in EST which makes a total of 10 hours of time difference. Working in a different time zone has been one of the biggest challenges. We managed to overcome this challenge by dividing the work and helping one another along the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had never made a website or a chatbot, so this was an entirely new experience for all of us. It certainly is an accomplishment we are proud of! We were able to prototype on Figma allowing the users to be able to see the features that will be included in the application.

What we learned

We learned how to make a website, a prototype, and a chatbot and also understood the power of communication! We definitely experienced the challenges of working from different time zones.

What's next for Balance

Our plan next is to build a mobile application that implements more features we brainstormed; like suggesting good websites for better understanding of different topics using Machine Learning. We also plan to create a web version of the app to increase the availability to the users. We are the Ben and Jerry’s of the productivity and self-care industries and hope to release out the finished app with new features soon. So stay tuned!

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