The story come from to help children to eat their food in free or reduce price lunch. I build this application which help them to getting quicker attention to getting an application process done. This application will helps from the parents or guardian side checking the status either her/him child will getting a free meals or reduce price meals. which will making some big changes in their world.

What it does

This application fully developed by play framework. The beautify of the application, i am using PostgreSQL as a database for storing the collected information from the family members. I am using all tools are open source. for the issuing authority side they check the application status, how much application they are getting in a month, what is status and etc. likewise the parents will get to know about the status of the application.

How I built it

Play framework is cool framework, i am using Scala as a programming language to code all implementation and which makes me to easy way of connecting with the PostgreSQL database. like wise i am using Bluemix Cloud to push my application in to cloud so any can access the application.

Challenges I ran into

I am very new to play framework and build an application is very challenging one. but i complete some what and still I am make some progress in that one.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Before staring the project, i have some ideas towards the project how can build, what approach i use. that i truly accomplished in this project. i'm proud for that. still i learning and building the project.

What I learned

Truly i learned the hard parts of play framework, before i staring the project i don't know what is play frame work i learned i get to know about the power of the framework which is very suitable for this application. I learned PostgreSQL database what is that, what that does etc.

What's next for BALAJI EAT School Lunch

I build the application only i still having pending for analysis part and data visualization part. I am still developing this project to make some more attractive and very useful to all.

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