Happiness is a journey and not a destination.

It was along her happiness journey that Mary stumbled upon this happiness app challenge. When she decided to be happy each day after going through trials in her relationship and career, people around her noticed the change. Her friends started to share their personal concerns and ask for her opinion. Their difficult experiences make them sad, depressed and unproductive. Listening to her friends then made Mary share her own happiness journey.

For quite some time, Seth and a close friend had been thinking of an idea for a social challenge platform. The core idea was to engage the users in both the online and offline worlds making them more interactive with friends at the same time enhancing their own person. These challenges could be varied from simple and fun to more extreme and difficult covering areas of health, character and relationship building.

Ronald had envisioned a way to promote a modern approach to brand awareness and retention by coupling with social causes. By leveraging the power of a visually recognized brand in socially-oriented endeavors, a more positive and long-lasting impact is achievable.

Robert has been into social entrepreneurship and startup building in the last few years and is very active in social media.

Putting all their ideas and visions together, the team built BaketList to foster happiness-sharing using a technology-based solution. The team believes that happiness is a challenging journey yet a meaningful one. To make people take up a social challenge, it has to be fun.

BaketList is for both happy and unhappy people. Happy people can share their happiness with other people, in turn making them fulfilled and happier. Unhappy people can make themselves happy by doing meaningful acts for themselves and other people.

BaketList is primarily targeting users who face quarter-life or mid-life crisis and people who seek happier and meaningful lives, despite the successes and failures in whatever life stages they are in.

The BaketList team is most proud of the challenge feature of the app and the kind of challenges themselves. The first version enables the app user to take on a curated set of social challenges, submit photos of proof (when a challenge is completed/conquered), get points (redeemable as gift items in the future), achieve higher user levels and get Smile ratings.

Currently, the BaketList app promotes conquering social challenges in Relationship, Health and Career. Coming aspects will be Wealth and Spiritual as well as creating user-defined challenges to challenge friends and sharing to social media.

The BaketList Team treats happiness as the most important thing. To make this an important thing, it should be part of our routine, in our lifestyle. We have to make it a habit. That is what BaketList does.

Baketlist Team is very excited to see how this app can inspire other people and change the lives of many individuals for the better.

Join us in the Happiness Revolution!

Website: www.baketlist.com

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