Product: Bake Cloud

Bake is a command line tool that helps kernel/os software developers save storage and time by storing the build cache on cloud, running compilation on it, speeded up due to effect cache management. We aim to make the interface similar to command "make", replacing it with "bake" should build on the cloud, making it compatible with existing makefile projects. Users pay only for the build time they use. Self hosted version is also available for teams to host private projects.


We realised in our early pitches that even though our project was a CLI tool, we needed a platform for early users to test the tool out without setting it up locally. We were not in a position to write a custom portal due to time constraints.

Solution using HubSpot

We built a website and portal for our project using HubSpot. We used custom objects, associations and the developer API to manage build jobs and download built objects and artifacts on the portal. We also implemented beta signup page using membership and restricted access to portal for people with work email to prevent spam using list filtering. We used Atlas theme to design the page using the drag and drop editor. We plan to use serverless functions to let users try Bake on the website itself.


We are yet to explore the business impact, but development time has greatly reduced for us. Implementing similar portal manually would have taken a lot of time, deviating our focus. Ease of usability of HubSpot makes managing the portal very easy.

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