This idea will actually work by not blocking the calls, it is far too difficult to try to separate out who can and who can not get through. So let them call, and also everyone else too, those who should be getting through.

why recreate the wheel, lets go with " bait cards"

This plan can work from any and every phone.

This is simple. let them do what they are doing while we bait the line, much like a "bait car" waiting to be stolen.

Here's what do:

Stop running around chasing them and let them come too you,

If the FTC could generate some sort credit card with all the information they ask for when they call (with no actual value of course) and provide it too victims who contact the FTC with complaints. Then when the robo callers call the victims, as they will, we give them the FTC card and ID info, info when they ask for my credit card & info, when they try to use/ access that account, they get snared, you can then capture their transaction, location and this give you the evidence of the attempted transaction you need to convict them, it will create a paper trail. Victims will no longer give their own ID or card numbers once issued one by the FTC.

Maybe even find out what they are up too, what area they are flooding, trace the line or transactions to targeted areas, races, ages, etc.this is where flexibility comes in. as you get more intel you can adapt like real credit card companies, adapt to meet the needs of victims or robo callers, it will be impossible for them to know which cards are leading them back to you, because they wont find out about the decoy until it has become evidence against them, not knowing which card numbers to trust may be a detourant in itself, you can constantly change to different popular credit card names so its not just one they are looking out for, they will never know if it is coming from and inexperienced college student , or a vulnerable elderly person

The only evidence i have is that bait cars work is ask ant auto theft task force for more about bait cars

so why not " Bait cards"? We dont know who to trust on the other end of the phone, and now they wont know who to trust either. fight fire with fire, become just as slick and cunning as they have become.

No more chasing them, wait for them to come too you. the only thing to work our is how to print the bait cards issue them, and have the attempted transactions come to you instead of an actual credit card company.

I personally have complained 3 times, but they still call me everyday from a different number each time, no matter how much i tell them not to call they do. so they will again, why not give them some bait, so you can hook em. so this may worl for ID and credit cards thieves, I am not sure of what other robo callers that are illegal are calling for. I sure there is an answer for them too. for them how about we push a button on the phone and it auto-magically blocks the calling number, simple one button blocking at the control and discretion of the phone line owner. don't like whose calling push pound, and poof they are gone for ever blocked

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