Main goal

The main goal of the project is to provide an alternative to professional sports.


I think, that everyone is converting currency into digital, as it is safe and very convenient, solving many problems, why not now transferring sports to digital, as well as solving many problems.

Previously, I was a professional athlete, and I noticed that in most cases this entails many injuries and health problems, many athletes even remain disabled. Due to these risks, I had to leave professional sports.

Then I started treatment, read the results of scientific research on the problems of athletes of different directions in sports and after it. And I got the idea to bring professional sports to the digital world. So that people go in for sports solely to maintain physical health, and organize competitions in the digital world.

As the folk wisdom says: "exercise heals, sport cripples."

What it does

This will make the professional sport safer and more attractive, as the professional sport is now losing its color.

How we built it

Now I am studying the work of the brain and, in parallel, the work of AI. Thanks to this, I figured out how to implement AI for the digital world, by implementing the work of several groups of hormones, such as: Dopamine, Cortisol and Adrenaline. Demo AI training scene

This opportunity appeared thanks to blockchain technology.

If you follow the link, you can clearly see how we get our athlete using 2x NFT from the wallet, and you can also see how bets are approved.

Challenges we ran into

For a long time I tried to understand on which blockchain to implement my idea, I read a lot, studied, figured out what and how it works, what are the pros and cons. I wanted to find a unique blockchain that is not similar to other, this is how my acquaintance with Solana happened. Initially I tried validation, now I'm on the testnet, I started with TDS 13, I'm waiting for my turn to go to the main net

Accomplishments that we're proud of

And when I saw Solana announcing a hackathon for developers. I realized that it was not in vain, that this is just the chance when you can start realizing your little dream, and started development.

What we learned

Here are the opportunities Solana blockchain provides for my project:

  • very fast transactions with a low cost per commission, many different transactions will take place in the game, the user will be pleased to carry out his plans without unnecessary expenses;
  • unlimited scalability, due to the improvement of the speed of the Internet connection and the possibility of upgrading the hardware of all validators, will improve with the update of technologies! what I needed !;
  • This is very important for the low cost of creating NFTs, since the main part will be tied in generating, buying and selling many NFTs.
  • the ability to create smart contracts, competitions, tournaments and world tournaments will be built on the basis of smart contracts.

There will be integration with Serum, Metaplex and All-Art Protocol. Also, swap and liquidity pools will be implemented from the “DEFI” sector and swap and NFT marketplace. For the convenience of the user, so that you do not need to use centralized exchanges and third-party swaps. Since now it is a very common problem when people cannot figure out how to exchange the token they need, confuse the blockchain or fall for fraudulent tricks.

I have been working with the team on freelance for many years, on game projects, so it will not be difficult for us to implement my idea. For so long, each of us wants to implement our own project. And each of us wants to become a part of an interesting large-scale project.

For me, developing a project using the latest technologies is something new and incredibly interesting, I love to face difficulties and learn what I did not know before. I can't wait to start fully implementing my plans. I think that my idea has no analogies on the market and immediately, with proper publicity, will be liked by many and will win the hearts of users.

What's next for BAIS Game

In the future, all professional sports will move to the digital world and this will happen thanks to BAIS game.

For a quick acquaintance with the project, check out the BAIS Game Presentation

More information can be found in the White Paper

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