Inspired by the Indonesian word, baik (pronounced buy-ik), which means "well" in the context of mood or emotion, we made this self-care app for people who hope to improve their everyday wellbeing. By allowing users to check-in with themselves everyday, our goal was to be a preventative guard against mental health decline. Our app conducts a 5 question check-in with users each day and then visualizes trends in a simplistic manner. With baik, we can truly be baik.

What it does

Everyday, the user will do a short check-in where they answer wellbeing-related questions. The data collected from these questions is used to form graphs that visualize the user's sleep and mood habits. The app also includes a calendar where users can enter important dates, as well as streaks to help motivate users to continue to check-in.

How we built it

The frontend was prototyped using JustInMind and built in Android Studio with Java. The backend is hosted on a cloud Linode Ubuntu server and is built using Node.js/Express. A MongoDB database was also used to store user data.

Challenges we ran into

Working in a group of 2 with a first time (highschool) hacker, it was challenging to get started initially, especially with the goal of creating something that would be substantial and impactful. The more complex components of the project like the backend integration also turned into a major task that took longer than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For me, being a first time hacker, I am proud of stepping outside of my comfort zone and tackling this large of a project with such strict time constraints. Also, as a team, creating a fully functional app within less than 24 hours is something that we're happy to have accomplished.

What we learned

We learned that diving into a big project is intimidating at first but definitely worth the hard work and effort - especially when developing something that has the potential to tangibly impact its users. On the technical side, we both learned lots about app development from designing an extensive front-end prototype to building a full backend.

What's next for baik

We plan to develop baik by adding more features and making the visualization aspect more sophisticated. An example of this could be a feature where if the user has a set number of consecutive days where the mood is less than a certain score, the app would send a notice to a friend or therapist. We also hope to customize questionnaires which would in turn would make the statistics and graphs also more unique and representative of the user.

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