Inspiration: I have seen many University of websites of Pakistan. but nothing admire me. all university web managers follow the old patterns then i saw the website of University of Cambridge, i really inspire of it. then i start work on Bahria University Official portal

How it works: its so much user friendly, main menu elaborate all links regarding Bahria University. complete details of all Academic courses on 1 click. people can easily contact through contact us form. and 24/7 they will get their replies. Google analytic, Google adwords. every thing is installed. outstanding SEO compatible website. and many features.

Challenges I ran into: it was a great challenge for me as a Web Manager of Bahria University to complete in 4 month time period and on the otherside i have so many routine work regularly and at that time i am alone to work on it as a designer and a developer etc. but its a great achievement that i complete it on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: just before my web portal and social media marketing Bahria University Got 75% Admissions from Online admission portal. it was the most amazing moment for me, because as an employe of Bahria University i take Bahria as my home. and i love if Bahria University take any achivement.

On this Behalf Honorable Ex - Rector Shahid Iqbal present me Honorarium of 30,000 Rupee and give a appreciation letter and arrange the wonder tea party for me. i really proud of myself, that in the History of Bahria University i am the only Employee to get this award like this. it was awesome.. 

What I learned: i learned how to manager big projects all alone. i make 9 outstanding web projects with Bahria University.

What's next for Bahria University Official Portal: in the future we have so many ideas and INSHAALLAH we will implement them soon.

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