R&D projects are seldom unpredictable when it comes to expected results, such as a technique that we discover or an innovation that we develop, etc. This unpredictability makes it difficult for researchers to estimate project results, or to estimate the valorisations of the project. Generally, R&D projects are valued by the three valorisations which are publication of scientific results, training of students and products realisations. Making an objective to estimate valorisations of a three-year R&D project for example is not an easy task. However, not having a very clear idea about our ability to produce valorisations, surely does not help to properly execute the project.

What it does

Bahith aims to help researchers properly describe their R&D projects, among other things to properly assess its valorisations. From the expertise of the community, Bahith creates a form of reference in relation to many aspects of R&D projects, as the expertise of the project team, its field, type of project, etc. With this reference, Bahith will guide the researcher to properly situate the capacity of the project team in relation to this reference, and thus helps him to properly assess the valorisations of his project. Such a more or less intelligent description can indeed be considered as a realistic project plan and increase its chances of success.

Bahith only considers the objective valorisations of the project. It does not deal with it's subjective aspect, generally associated with the field of research or quality of research the case of R&D projects. Nevertheless, research of a given quality will be more likely to be published in quality journals, and Bahith intends to treat it later!

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