Bagh-Chal is a strategic, two-player board game that originated from Nepal. It's a board game and has importance to the culture and people in Nepal. This game is getting less popular nowadays because people are moving to online gaming. What we want to do is to preserve this game and make it available to people around the world.

What it does

It's a strategic game. The game is asymmetric in that one player controls four tigers and the other player controls up to twenty goats. The tigers 'hunt' the goats while the goats attempt to block the tigers' movements. In this game, user can play with computer or with friends that are online.

How we built it

We used HTML5 canvas to draw board and used minimax search algorithm for computer moves. It is hosted in facebook instant games and made it available to people. People can play either with a computer or with friends on facebook.

Challenges we ran into

We have several challenges especially in the part of the search algorithm. Putting the game on facebook was also a big challenge for us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully implemented the mini-max algorithm on this game. Plus make it available to people through facebook. This game has cultural and traditional importance to people living in Nepal. Hope this game will bring some value to people. Last but not least, we have learned lots of new things. From instant games to max-mind, socket and HTML5 game design.

What we learned

We learned how to use search trees and how to simulate them in real-world scenarios. Also, we learn how we can put html5 games to facebook instant games and make it available to facebook users.

What's next for BaghChal. Nepali Board Game.

We are trying to use the machine learning from the user move for further improvement. And used facebook bot to play games. We make our code public so that people can join us to make it better and also learn something from it.

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