Inspiration came from the COVID period, where many people lost their jobs. We wanted to help them find jobs yet we were also gunning for the most awesomely useless app prize and the most annoying app prize. This bot is the culmination of our ideals and dreams

What it does

This bot is the one-stop-shop that helps you to find jobs that you never knew you wanted! Explore new career paths and unlock your inner potential that you never knew you had, all at the convenience of your phone. Best of all, it is free of charge! (no, we're not selling your data nor running ads. We're running a charity :') )

How We built it

With the team, using telegram and discord as main channels of interaction, we worked on it over HackAndRoll2021. Solving the issues we ran along the way, we came up with ingenious solutions to enable a more seamless integration of server side database and client usage.

Challenges We ran into

Learning telegram's API and integrating it with python, along with learning ajax's interface. As our team comprised of mostly first years, where this was our first ever hackathon, we had to experience a steep learning curve to be well accustomed to web development. This experience blooded us into the vast world of web development and I believe we learnt a lot from this invaluable experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have competed in the Hack&Roll 2021 and gave our best effort to winning 2 categories. Our laser focus from the start to aim for these 2 categories enabled us to work with intense clarity on what features we need to implement and what we do not. My team and I are incredibly honoured to have worked with each other during this short span of time to produce a satisfactory product - a culmination of our determination and efforts.

What We learned

Telegram's API, ngrok, google's spreadsheet script, AJAX framework

What's next for BadJobsBot

To win the Most Awesomely Useless Hack and the Most Annoying Hack. Please support our endeavours!

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