BadGif is a social experiment to see what would happen to the member’s of your discord server if you constantly sent them bad gifs...

What it does

BadGif reads in user’s messages, uses Google Cloud’s Natural Language API to analyze the sentiment and keywords, and sends back a gif with the complete opposite sentiment. Users are also able to visit the website and view their past messages and sentiments.

How We built it

The Discord bot was built using, Google Cloud Natural Language API, MongoDB, Tenor API, Matplotlib, Pandas, and Numpy. The webapp is built using React, Redux, Express, Node, and MongoDB.

Challenges We ran into

Even though it was our first time creating a discord bot, we decided to integrate various technologies such as NLP and Matplotlib, while also creating a full-stack application. Learning new technologies in addition to implementing ones we already know during a 36 hour timeframe was extremely difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it to work. Some of the technologies were new to us so we’re extremely proud to have a working web app and discord bot. Also, despite taking around 2 hours to finalize our idea, we managed to finish everything on time. Building our hack and filming the video remotely were daunting tasks, but we were able to work efficiently through everybody's combined efforts.

What We learned

We all learned to use different skills and touched upon each other's weaknesses. For example, some individuals were new to Python, while some had little experience in React. In the end, we managed to all learn a new skill ranging from beautifulsoup to MongoDB.

What's next for BadGif

Authentication to secure routes, deployment on cloud, supporting more statistics and features. Make web app more beautiful.

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