The idea is actually my teammate's. She noticed that she has to use a white board and spend a lot of effort to co-ordinate everyday tasks with her roommates -- things like taking out the trash, doing dishes, that kind of thing. Manually reminding people to do things, and not having a reliable location to check up on tasks, got really grating for her.

That's where Badger comes in.

Designed with simplicity and automation in mind, Badger facilitates a small group of people to delegate and schedule tasks so everything that needs to get done will get done. A number of people join a group, where they can all view the tasks they need to do--from there, they can

  • delegate tasks,
  • set up recurring tasks,
  • let those tasks rotate between different members of the group,
  • and comment on tasks.

Say roommates in an apartment need to get groceries every week. In the interest of equity, they each rotate the responsibility for groceries each week. As people use different staples during the week, they can add comments on the "groceries" task -- "We're out of milk", "Need bread!", "What kind of jam do people like?".

Notifications: And, if Johnny is particularly forgetful when it comes to running errands, he can set up reminders as well, either through SMS or through email; Badger is designed to use the Twilio and SendGrid APIs, so everybody can make sure they finish what they need to.

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