We all love blockchain and as everyone we are always talking about mainstream adoption, but it is still hardly any people who can use any DAPP without adding some educational component to it.
Let's face it, UX often still sucks big time.
We have all these extremely talented people in the space and really nice solutions out there. Now we just need to glue these solutions together, wrap a nice UX around it and start onboarding the world.
Show peeps clear benefits and offer them help is our task.


Take something that is existing everywhere, like a mobile phone. Offer then QR code to scan and point to images that are NFTs.
Allow the user to claim them.
We use the gas station network solution in the back and creates a temporary Public - Private Key to hold the NFT. If one decides then to permanently store the NFT, an existing wallet can be used to transfer it to or we just create for them then a permanent wallet.
This needs to be done via a regular web2 experience using an email as an username and a password.


We create actually unique badges that can be assigned to single users.
By doing that we can come up with new ways how we interact between the badge issuer and consumer..


We build various badges that can be used for all kinds of use cases. Start to become creative and create ton of use cases..

Think about reputation that is what we need for voting mechanism as DHack or whenever you want to showcast the trust others gave you.
Creds to the guys from POAP to show why attendance could be another nice use case for an NFT.
Ever saw a Yelp recommendation and tried to figure out if that could be real? What if you get with your bill a QR for the food you ate. With having that NFT representing that food you can then have a consumption NFT giving you the option to rate da juciest kebab in town!
You did some volunteering work for a social cause, imagine receiving an achievement NFT aka a social badge
Wonder about all these stickers flying round from a to be, what if you could show your favorite stickers on the virtual back of a notebook? Then your fav' stickers could show the statement of startups, solutions, movements you support.


Check out our contract on Rinkeby @ 0x0221fF31e1Bd6Da423664e079e3f6fd3A7fe6aDB


Big ups to the work of Gasstation from Gas Station by Zeppelin & TabooKey
Wallet solutions by Portis

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