Our objective to do a bear minimum implantation that allows the certificates and its awards to be updated and versioned.



  • Cheap
  • Decentralized with IPFS <3
  • Regular User isnt required to have a wallet
  • Fully Transparent


  • Metamask
  • 3Box
  • Angular


  • Setup metamask
  • Define badge
  • Edit badge
  • Upload csv award
  • Edit award
  • List awards
  • List badges
  • Badge Log
  • Award Log


  • Define badge
  • Edit badge
  • Add award
  • Edit award

Data Models

TS interfaces are in the code for more details

  • Badge
  • Award ### Badge Structure
  • An array of the available badges pointer(string ids) from this organization is attached to the profile for easy fetching
  • Every Badge includes array of Awards and array of updates that includes all the badge versions ### Award Structure
  • Award is the single credentials for a single user
  • An Array of updates is added that lists all the changes in award like recipient name
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