The inspiration for this came from just releasing that sometimes you need to borrow somethings for a short amount of time and you know someone near you will have it especially in college. For example if you want to make brownies and need a pan for 1 hour, just no way to contact someone. This app provides that and more. The other struggle for students is to get textbooks for cheap and the precise ones for the specific course number and teacher. This app would have a whole section for that with all specifications needed.

What it does

It is an App that has multiple navigation tabs to rent sell or buy and manage account, see chats, books tab to search very specifically for those.

How I built it

React native, mongodb, node.js

Challenges I ran into

Emulators wouldn't connect, had to figure out how to do everything from scratch for all coding languages and integrations of such

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole idea generation itself and how we will keep going beyond this hackathon to finish it also the whole app connection from frontend to backend

What I learned

Connecting with react native is not too common with many Api's as they are catered for web apps

What's next for BACS

Kickstart, Sharktank, We will take this to the next level and add so many more features like rating the buyers and sellers, we will see this implemented in hopefully all college campuses

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