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What it does

First real time wizard tracking digital platform. No more surprises from cloak of invisibility, challenge your friends with the most powerful fire-making spell. Automatic battle engaging from mobile app based on real time location and web Marauder's Map for the full control of Copper Box Arena(check it out on the radix domain link ).

How we built it

Mobile App: iOS ObjectiveC & PubNub Sdk Supervisor: NodeJS with following npm modules: async, pubnub, geolib, express Architecture: nginx + SSL + let's encrypt + Radix domain + Radix DNS management + AWS EC2 Web frontend: HTML+ CSS + jQuery + PubNub Javascript SDK Graphics: Adobe Photoshop All in these 20 hours ;-)

Challenges we ran into

Challenging indoor GPS localization. Number of messages optimization in crowded environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full working game experience, soon available on App Store, with PubNub cash maybe ;-) UI and visual achievement compared with short time execution.

What we learned

PubNub & MapBox integration with iOS. PubNub & MapBox integration with HTML PubNub & MapBox integration with NodeJS

What's next for Marauder's Battle

It will be the next best game for Harry Potter fans around the world.

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