What inspired you to create this project? The things that inspired the team to create this game was to see what type of game we can get done within the 24 hours given to create a game from basic ideas and concepts to a finished minigame. Who created the project? The creators of the project are Christopher Rivera, Phillip Beato, Joseph DeLeon, and Gustavo Alcantara Jorge. What does your project actually do? For the things that the project does, this project plays as a minigame that is playable through a browser. How did you build your project? In order to build this project, we use the Game Engine, Unity in order to create this game, we used Unity Version 2020.1.8, visual studio, bfxr, and piskel to create the game assets. Tag the technologies you used throughout your project. The technologies that we used to create the game was the Unity Engine to put the game together, Visual Studios in order to put together the code for the game, we used Bfxr in order to create the sound effects for the game and we used Piskel to create the art assets for the game. We also will use Itch.io to host the game. What challenges did you face? One of the challenges that the team has faced when creating this project was to try and get the enemies to follow the player regardless of where the player moves to or not. Another challenge was when we were trying to get the health system to work and decrease hearts when the player was injured. The last challenge was to try and get the bullets to shoot in any direction out of the player. These challenges were overcome though through bug testing and trying different methods for getting actions like shooting to work, and the health system to work. What accomplishments are you proud of? The biggest accomplishments that the team is proud of is that we were able to get the game done in 24 hours and even though we had lots of challenges such as the enemy following the player and the shooting of the game, we were able to get this mini project complete under the deadline. What did you learn? Our team learned how to accomplish a task in a limited amount of time, delegate assignments and work in a team environment which will benefit greatly in the future workforce. What is next for your project? This project will not be continued and will be used as a way to improve ourselves and see what more we can get done within a small amount of time

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