The inspiration for this project came from Tare's experience and interest in testing algorithmic trading strategies.

"I think that I would be a lot faster in testing strategies if I had a dedicated infrastructure/application for doing so," Tare said.

To make the wish a reality, we decided to build out this application at Penn Apps!

What it does

Backtest Suite allows users to backtest algorithmic trading strategies on past cryptocurrency data.

How We built it

We have a great mix of skills on the team for both backend and frontend. TO BE CONTINUED

Challenges We ran into

The whole project has been pretty challenging, but to name a few:

  1. Switching from HTML to React halfway. We decided to use HTML in the beginning because we wanted to have something up visually fast. But as we build the project, we realized React would make the code easier to work with and make the code more sustainable in the long term. So even with we are all in a time crunch, we decided to challenge ourselves and make the switch.
  2. Connecting code in multiple languages (javascript, python, node, etc.) to link both frontend and backend together.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We are proud of everything we have accomplished so far. We are making progress linking frontend and backend together as well as building the web interface up.

What We learned

We learned a ton. We learned how to use WebSockets to make the dynamic graph on our app, as it's constantly fetching data and plotting the graph on the go. We also learned how to use React and Reactstrap and got better with front-end development.

What's next for Backtesting Suite

At the moment, the app is designed mostly for cryptocurrency but could be for other financial data in the future.

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