Disclaimer: We wrote this but we are very tired so it could be a bit confusing :)

Installation setup on Github. (currently our digital ocean server is having some issues...)



We've been approached by Air Transat to try their challenge which is to develop an app addressed to young people. Sites like TripAdviser doesn't look great at all so it must look fresh and modern.

What it does

Basically you enter a list of countries you would like to go. The app randomely pick 3 cities and for each cities, you will see possible activities. Those activities are separated in 3 main categories according to the traveler mood:

  • Adventurous
  • Foodish
  • Cultural

How we built it

This is obviously a website but let's jump a bit into the core implementation. We are using Python language using the flask micro web framework as a backend. The front-end uses Bootstrap CSS framework. The database for the sake of simplicity is SQLite. For development purpose it is very handy. In this project we didn't care about those qualities apps have (like scalability, performance, or maintainability).

Challenges we ran into

We all have different knowledge so we had to consider this criteria while choosing the scope of the project. It is our first hackaton and we were a team of 4. This is a big challenge to get everybody up and running fastly. The workshop were cools but time-consuming so we had to improve our communication workflow to be sure everybody is at the same point.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it. Even if we ran out of coffee at ~4am :). Our biggest accomplishment was our constant HYPE about the project. We were very motivated and we achieved to keep that attitude.

What we learned

We learned that when you do a Hackaton you have to focus on your idea. The code quality doesn't matter. The moment you are in a productive flow your only concern is to keep this mood as long as possible. If we had to reconsider something for our next hackaton would be to arrive more prepared. It takes time to find a cool idea that drives the entire time through the night.

What's next for backpacker

The project is simple and I don't think we would reuse our codebase. But the main problem remains: There is no app for young people. Maybe they don't have a budget as high as older persons but I think they are increasingly important over the years. The problem deserves to be addressed.

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