A chance to solve a problem that prevents a 5-Billion dollar loss to our economy. Also during the opening ceremony, Innovation Factory convinced us that we can also help prevent organized crime in our communities here and across Canada.

What it does

Our device aims to help prevent opportunistic thefts along with trailer thefts. The way we do this by address the problem at its root. We created a device that helps secure the cargo for all shipping containers across the country. It works by the use of vibration sensors, GPS, and SIM card capabilities to alert you when it senses movement that is unnatural, such as:

  1. A pallet is left in a yard for storage and it moved unexpectedly
  2. The driver leaves the truck unattended Our unit doesn't rely on the trucks GPS and gyroscopes to communicate with the trucking company. Instead, when we hind our unit near or within a random pallet, the vibration sensor will send a GPS when it does not expect any movements. Also, our device has the ability to receive an SMS from the driver to put the device in an alert mode to send an SMS to the trucking company to prevent the theft.

How we built it

The core of this unit relies on an Arduino pro mini, along with a sim card GPS enabled unit called the SIM808. Furthermore, we used a 12V 12A/hr battery connected to a step-down converter to convert the 12v battery to 9v for the Arduino. In order to power-activate the device, we connected a vibration detection sensor turns on the SMS unit to then send an alert. We also included a power switch for out of truck us.

Challenges we ran into

During the design process, we tried we noticed that having a battery powered device creates logistic issues everyone using the product. The way we solved this is by using a power savings mode to conserve energy, as well as adding a bigger battery. In turn, we calculated that the device can operate for over a year based on the data given to us by Canada Cartage. The second problem we had to address was the human error that comes from the truck driver to eliminate opportunistic theft. For this, we added the ability to send an SMS to the device in order to set it in an alert mode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to tackle the engineering problem in a weekend. We also believe that we created a viable marketable solution that can be scaled across borders.

What we learned

The design process to create a long term viable solution for a real marketable problem. Also, when we bring smart people to work on a large problem, even a short amount of time is enough.

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