The construction job market is heavily regulated in the US. Before being hired on a building site, candidates have to show a lot of documents proving that they have all the necessary licenses.

This app aims to streamline this process and manage everything in Monday.

What it does

The App has two components:

  • the integration recipe To be versatile with all board setups we use an integration recipe. It helps setup a workflow to invite a candidate to submit their details. This is usually happening at the end of the recruitment process.

Another recipe also push back data into the board, to stay updated when checks are moving stages.

  • an item view The item view helps you visualize quickly the status of the check.

How I built it

I relied on Checkr API for the whole background check flow. It's decoupled in two apps, one to handle the integration recipes, and one to handle item view.

Challenges I ran into

Integration recipes documentation is a few practical examples. CORS as always ;)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Checkr API for the first time. Developing Monday integrations and item view.

What I learned

What's next for Background and professional license checks

On test mode, the license checks are not available, only "regular" background checks are. If people are interested, I would have to work with Checkr folks to develop these features.

Built With

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