I love parkour and looking at people do backflip and frontflips, I had always wanted to that too. So I made this AR experience where users can easily do perfect backflip , frontflip and cartwheels with just a tap.

What it does

This Lens of mine can make people do perfect backflip, frontflip and cartwheel on single tap.

How we built it

I used an asset from the library to make users body disappear, and then I used a body image to overlay on user which I then tweened it to rotate a 360 degree on tapping to make it look like a flip. added Instructions on how to use the lens using screen text and image at start of the lens

Challenges we ran into

Challenge for me was to make it look as realistic as it could, and lens studios body segmentation and eraser did the perfect job.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This lens of mine has been very popular on spotlight where users had fun making videos with this lens. This lens also got featured in the "Popular Trends" tab by Snapchat . Also users have used my lens to share their videos on other social media platforms where it had gone viral too. link

What we learned

Lens Studio is a very powerful application that lets creators build complex lenses with very much ease.

Built With

  • lensstudio
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