to familiarize my self how hackers create a backdoor and how they can be used to try to gain access to a target so that I am able to prevent such fraudulent activity in the future

What it does

it opens the desired port specified by the hacker, where the hacker can gain access to the system and do whatever he/she wants to the target machine, but also once the backdoor is executed it would look for systems users and send them to the hacker

How I built it

it was built using python

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to implement a keylogger with the backdoor and the system user credential stealer but the keylogger was complicated to implement because I was running into a lot of errors

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the backdoor being able to work successfully and being able to add more stuff on it

What I learned

how to create the backdoor and use different data hiding techniques to make the backdoor unseen or seem innocent (example by hiding it behind a pdf file or image)

What's next for Backdoor

the next thing is to add a keylogger and upload or download capabilities

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