BackCountry Navigator, the best selling Outdoor GPS app of its kind for Android devices, is now coming to wearables.

You can already use BackCountry Navigator to plan outdoor adventures, mark or import waypoints, download maps for outside cell coverage, and navigate with GPS.

With this accessory and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, you can keep your hands free and see some of the critical information at a glance on your wrist.

With navigation on your wrist, be prepared to have more fun in the outdoors.


BackCountry Navigator lets you choose your own adventure in the outdoors. You have the tools to prepare for a trek in advance, and are thus not limited to areas with perfect cell coverage.

  • You are not limited to city streets and sidewalks.
  • You choose your outdoor destination
  • Choose from a variety of map sources, worldwide or specific to a country. Use of topographical or topo maps is encouraged.
  • Cache them for use offline.
  • Mark your own path to follow.
  • Choose your points of interest

Commercial Potential

BackCountry Navigator started from humble beginnings, but it has proven its commercial potential over a number of years.

  • It is the best selling app of its kind in the United States, among the top paid apps in the "Travel and Local" Category
  • It is also in the three top grossing apps
  • Worldwide, it is in the top 10 in 38 countries
  • In a survey, up to 66% of BackCountry users plan to own a smartwatch.


The features of the Gear app are based on what our users most wanted to do with a smartwatch. They want to:

  • Navigate to a chosen waypoint.
  • Locate nearby points of interest.
  • See the proximity of nearest waypoints
  • See the details of those waypoints.
  • See a map of the nearby area.
  • Visually follow a route that they've marked.
  • See stats at a glance for their current outdoor activity


Using a smartwatch in conjunction with BackCountry Navigator, users are able to keep their hands free and enjoy more of the outdoors.

  • Once they have prepared on their smartphone, no additional preparation is required for seeing information on watch.
  • Start navigation on phone when you open the Gear App.
  • Users are able to swipe between the four most common screens.
  • Users can mark a waypoint quickly without stopping to interact with their phone


The design demonstrates beauty through simplicity

  • It follows the Samsung UI Guidelines, including 16 pixel margins on headers.
  • It uses Text that is readable on a small screen
  • Buttons are the right size for finding on a watch.
  • The style is in harmony with the BackCountry Navigator Mobile App.

Improvements since Round 1

In Phase 2, the design was updated to enhance readability and usability

  • Users can now control the map zoom level from the watch
  • Users can trigger a launch of the phone app from the watch on startup.
  • Users can choose any of the nearest waypoints as a new target destination
  • The design is adapted to the new screen size of the Gear S

The new capabilities of Gear S, particularly compass and GPS sensors, have a lot of potential for a future, standalone app.

Try BackCountry Navigator on Galaxy Gear today.

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