BackCountry Navigator, the best selling Outdoor GPS app of its kind for Android devices, is now coming to wearables.

You can already use BackCountry Navigator to plan outdoor adventures, mark or import waypoints, download maps for outside cell coverage, and navigate with GPS.

With this accessory and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, you can keep your hands free and see some of the critical information at a glance on your wrist.

With your phone still stowed in your belt or backpack, you can see:

  • Compass View of your current heading and a pointer to a GOTO waypoint that you have chosen in BackCountry Navigator. (This uses moving direction from GPS; we'll be able to use compass direction in other hardware like the Gear Live).

  • A Radar View of the nearest waypoints to you

  • A Map view, a portion of BackCountry Navigator's main screen, so you can see how well you are following a trail, road, or path you have marked.

  • A Waypoints List showing nearby waypoints, along with distance and bearing. Click them to get their descriptions, or their formatted Html logs and clues for a geocache.

  • A Stats view showing the statistics and progress of your journey. Know how far you have travelled, the elevation gain, and more.

Knowing where you are is now as easy as looking for the time.

With navigation on your wrist, be prepared to have more fun in the outdoors.

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