Tourism is all about learning, experiencing, and enjoying. We try to maximize these facets of traveling with AR technologies. By augmenting the reality, we also augment our knowledge, our vision and our horizon.

What it does

We offer an iOS app that guides our customers throughout the journey. At different attractions, our app

  • Reproduces historic scenes and events with AR vividly;
  • Introduces stories and histories actively;
  • Facilitates commenting and recommending conveniently;
  • Allows message leaving or graffiti painting on sites digitally.

How we built it

We built our iOS app with APIs and tools provided by Apple including ARKit, SceneKit, Reality Composer etc.

Challenges we ran into

Our team had very limited experiences and knowledge in either iOS app development or AR implementation. We started nearly from scratch and confronted numerous programming and designing difficulties throughout the process. Nevertheless, with our inspiration and goal in mind, we managed to produce an iOS app prototype that demonstrates the aforementioned functionalities.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Overcame obstacles to successfully develop an IOS app with little to no prior experience within our team;
  • Dedicated 45 hours to hacking, 3 hours to sleeping, 0 hours to showering over the course of hackaTUM 2019.

What we learned

  • Enhance networking skills through meeting teammates on-the-spot instead of forming a team in advance (which is quite new and cool to all of us :D);
  • Get Familiar with Augmented Reality Techniques and iOS app Development Skills from scratch.

What's next for ARTour

  • Investigate better ways of interaction for tourists to exchange valuable information about travel destinations;
  • Develop versatile tool kit such that people of all ages and cultural background can contribute to our tourism community;
  • More realistic 3D reconstruction of important architectures aimed for true-to-life preservation;
  • Make traveling fun and fuss-free for every adventurous soul out there!

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