Our Inspiration came from looking at some common students whoa re worried or are a bit confused about going back to school due to the mark the current pandemic situation has left.

It basically is a guide which can enable students who can read it for tips and tricks or read it at anytime they need help or need inform.

We have built it using HTML5 and CSS3.

Challenges- We were going to add some functionality elements like a ToDo list and Notes app in the website itself but our javascript was a bit weak so we had to skip on that part. And also during the last 3 hours of the time limit our qoom suddenly crashed and we had lost every single code we wrote down(all three members). But by refreshing and going into our histories we were able to extract 70% of the code we had written (mostly css part. that is why the footer in the website is not as beautiful because of the data failure we lost some important code lines).

We are proud that this website can help even one person. We are happy for that.

Javascript is important. Report the situation of data failure to Qoom.

Next- If we are motivated enough we will complete the website with 20 more links to different tips and tricks and provide a section including functionality apps like a ToDo app and Notes App, etc (and many more).

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