The acorns app allows users to round up their change and invest in stocks. So we figured why not find a way to make it applicable for black businesses who need funding.

This program demonstrates how the rounded up change can be taken and applied to a decided Business' bank account balance and shows the updating of the account.

To simulate the randomization of added change, we made an array to contain possible amounts that could be added to companies.

The mock-up has different features to help visualize the steady growth that this app will allow businesses to have, such as: -The doAuto command which allows you to then enter an integer and a company/companies to simulate what their profit may be over a certain amount of inputted purchases. -The option of delegating the task of choosing a company to donate to to the system by leaving the company input blank.

This code relates to the overall app by allowing users to donate their rounded up change after a transaction to black owned businesses in order to uplift the black community.

How I built it

The prototype was made through adobe XD and the mock functions were made in to simulate how the money would be added to a company's account.

Challenges I ran into figuring out what to use exactly to make the functions and code. Making adobe XD prototype was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of the programming code and making 3rd place.

What I learned

Adobe XD software.

What's next for Back to Black OG

Another hackathon hopefully. :D

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