This app seeks to provide drivers relevant disclosure for understanding the risks of the road. The app will take as vehicle input latitude and longitude to calculate location and various safety indicators, such as speed, Brake pedal status (on/off), Headlamp status (on/off), High beam status (on/off), Windshield wiper status (on/off), ABS status (on/off), and Accelerator pedal position. In addition, the user will fill in a form to answer basic demographic, vehicle, and driving behavior questions. The driver behavior questions will optionally be available for others to answer. These data will be cross referenced with state crash databases to produce a risk profile and relevant countermeasures for the driver.


  1. Transparency for safety in trip planning
  2. Promote understanding of risks affecting trip safety
  3. Provide helpful tips for driving safely
  4. Short-term forecasting for trip conditions

User Interface

  1. Visual indicators - Red (high), yellow (medium), green (low) a. Crash likelihood b. Crash severity
  2. Verbal disclosure a. Explanation of risks for visual indicators for red and yellow b. Safety tips appropriate for risk factors taken from drivers' manual and public safety material

The state crash data that will be used for risk is being shared with and the White House Safety Data Initiative.

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