According to Central Bureau on Statistics in Indonesia, 4% of Indonesia population, which is around 80M people, is illiterate. baca inspires people, from teenager to elderly, to learn how to read, as reading brings knowledge to people, and knowledge brings brighter future for Indonesia.

What it does

Learning app without story is a mundane way of learning. baca changes the old conventional way of learning into an interactive learning life story for people to have fun learning through technology. Stories can develop people's perspective, and with our quizzes, people will learn valuable knowledge and interesting perspectives.

How we built it

Coffee. Pizza. Zoom. Discord. Creativity. Mostly skills and planning. We use React Native to deliver our product.

Challenges we ran into

We were planning to use as our AI solution to optimise our apps, to serve audio input for users. However, we had several technical issues to implement it with React-Native.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first time our team use React Native as our cross-platform solution, we are proud to overcome our learning curve and develop BACA. We also learned various technology and teamworks throughout the hackathon. Update: We got featured in The Jakarta Post:

What we learned

We learn how to do collaborative works with git in bigger scale. We also learned how to build react-native apps as our first project .

What's next for baca

Baca has a huge potential to disrupt the Education Startup in Indonesia. Think of us as Ruangguru, a SERIES C funded leading education startup in Indonesia, with a firm goal to help those who cannot read, as literacy brings more knowledge for people, and knowledge brings future.

For technical steps,

  • We are planning to be the first audio-based apps and handwriting recognition apps. With the help of more experienced React-Native developers, these technical steps can be done well.
  • We will add more features, such as notes, progress checks, and socials for baca.

For Expansion steps,

  • We use English as our main language to help the judges understand the fundamentals of our app. We are planning to add Bahasa Indonesia and more stories to the app.
  • For people who doesn't have smartphone and internet to learn, we have to work together with volunteers to use our app for these people.

For Financial Steps,

  • Currently, we want to make this app available for anyone for free! However, in the future we might add in-app purchases for premium products.

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