We have witnessed friends and family struggling to keep track of the number of drinks they consume. More often for the ages 18-22, individuals do not know their drinking limit, and are negatively effected afterwards. We were inspired to help students and adults be more away of their BAC level increasing, and what their BAC level means.

What it does

Our application display's an individual's Blood Alcohol Content and gives more information about what their BAC means. The user inputs their weight and sex, and our application helps them keep track of their number of drinks and the time they started drinking. Our application uses this information to display the user's BAC, and it increases when they user inputs another drink or enough time as elapsed.

How we built it

We implemented our application using React. We coded in JavaScript for interactivity, CSS for design, and HTML for the layout.

Challenges we ran into

One challenged we ran into is keeping track of the time using React. We imported a library, but we did not have access to the time variable outside of the timer function. To solve this problem, we calculated the user's BAC inside of the same function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of us is proud to be working on their first Hackathon and the other one of us is proud to have learned React for the first time.

What we learned

We learned about UX/UI design.

What's next for BAC Track

We plan on adding a feature to track drinking history for the user. This would allow them to see how they stayed at a healthy BAC level, and it would encourage them to stop drinking overtime.

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