With most schools, preschools, and childcare in the nation shut down because of the pandemic, a lot of parents are faced with the problem of working from home while caring for their kids. Some are lucky enough to have older students that still have the structure of a classroom through Zoom calls with their teachers.

I noticed a lot of my friends with younger children posting on social media about activities that kept their kids occupied for x amount of time. One mom posted a video and craft idea and captioned it with "This kept so-and-so busy for half an hour! It was the perfect amount of time for a quick meeting call."

I thought it would be a great idea to curate a list of activities for parents to choose from and help ease the stress of working at home with young kids.

What it does

Users are able to select an activity for each block of time (30 min increments). The user can choose activity types (right now it's limited by Off-screen, On-Screen, Creative, Physical, and Learning) and can filter by multiple types.

How I built it

I used a PostgreSQL database to store relationships between the users, schedules, activities, and activity types.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to use the Pinterest API but ran into a problem getting my API key. I submitted my app information a few days ago but the status is still "Application Pending" so I wasn't able to use it in my project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wanted to be able to access the data by Users -> [Schedules] -> [Activities] -> [Activity Types] and got it working today. I'm proud of getting the data model working and figuring out the relationships between everything.

What I learned

I learned that testing is important and can save you from a lot of trouble in the long run!

What's next for Baby Zoomers

I want to continue working on this and make use of external API's to link to the activities. I also think it would be useful to have calendar integration. I also want to incorporate more testing.

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