Baby Monitor: Sleep - smart app that works like an efficient Audio baby watcher and can hear every noise near your baby.

Crying mode inside.

Only for Gear 2 with camera video.

Created by young parents for young parents to keep an eye on baby using Gear 2 watch + smartphone connection.

Happy feedbacks from modern parents: (up to october 2014)

"Que idea más genial! Brillante!" Argentina.

"Used this when we were at friends today. Awesome app and does a great job", UK.

"Nice! Don't have a baby, but great work on the app.", USA.

"Хорошо! Жаль нет стиминга звука - а так хотелось бы!", Russia.


+Hear Every Noise

+Full support synchronize between watch and smartphone

+Stable real-time voice recording

+Baby station or Parent Station as Gear 2 and/or Smartphone

+"Baby is crying" control

+Vibration alert

More updates coming soon:

SMS on parents phone/fast email, urgent call if baby is crying, new modes and video baby monitoring. Stay tuned.

Please send us your feedback!

Add information: "Entries which include features not supported on the Samsung Gear S device - thus prohibiting them from supporting the latest Samsung Gear S screen resolution of 360x480 and passing certification for the Gear S device - will not be penalized, and will receive the same set number of points awarded to apps that support the latest Samsung Gear S screen resolution of 360x480 and pass certification for the Gear S device."

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