Ever wish you could hear your baby cry where you are in the world? Probably not, but it's great to know anyways! Did you know that babies often cry when at least one of their needs is not met? How could possibly know about baby's needs without being there watching the baby sleep?

What it does

Our team of 3 visionaries present to you the innovation of the 21st century. Using just your mobile phone and an internet connection, you can now remotely receive updates on whether or not your baby is crying, and whether your baby has reached dangerously high temperatures.

How we built it

We used AndroidStudio for building the app that receives the updates. We used for the backend communication between the phone and the Intel Edison.

Challenges we ran into

Attempting to make push notifications work accounted for a large portion of time spent building this prototype. In the future versions, push notifications would be included.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of paving the future of baby-to-mobile communications for fast footed parents around the globe.

What we learned

As software people we are proud that we were to able to communicate with the Intel Edison.

What's next for Baby Monitor

Push notifications. Stay tuned!!

Built With

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