This project is inspired by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's infant births. Choosing where to deliver is a unique choice that's unlike any medical procedure. It's a big moment for families, and often the subject of hospital based social media sharing (i.e. new baby tweets are so much more common than appendectomy tweets)

How it works

This mobile app engages new parents at NYP around baby pictures. It educates new parents with guides, and gives them useful tools for a precious time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to add the following features:

Take Baby Photo - The most prominent feature reminds parents to take pictures of these precious moments. After a picture is taken, an option to share it on the NYP Baby Gallery is available. This is such an excellent way to encourage Patient Engagement.

Morph to Baby Photo - This feature allows you to take a photo and have it morphed into a NYP newborn. This feature was initially developed to ease any jealousy from older siblings by letting them "be the baby". The feature also allows grandparents and other relatives to compare how much the new baby(ies) resembles them. Some results can be quite funny, leading to some great patient entertainment. The patient's visitors may also be entertained.

NYP Baby Gallery - A Gallery of Babies born at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Users are able to submit their baby photo to this curated gallery. Users can see babies past and present. This features allows for lasting Patient Experience Personalization

New Parent Tools - This feature is focused around Patient Education and providing new parents with the resources they need. These are the tools:

Breastfeeding Guide - Here users are able to view up-to-date breastfeeding information. This is a great reference and supplement to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's breastfeeding instruction.

Tips & Advice - This is essentially the instruction manual that should come with newborn babies, written from a consensus of NYP pediatricians, now in an app.

White Noise Generator - The app will play a few types of white noise to simulate the pre-birth environment and calm the newborn. This may give new parents some much needed rest. That's a good thing.

Diaper Counter - The frequency of your baby's soiled diapers is a strong indicator of hydration and nutrition. This feature allows the new family to keep track of this critical data and accurately report it to NYP staff.

What I learned

Before making this app idea, I interviewed New Yorkers about their hospital experiences. I learned that unanimously:

  • the most pleasant and/or memorable hospital experience is childbirth
  • the most shared hospital experience via social media is childbirth
  • patients that are in the hospital for other procedures would still enjoy cycling though babies that are/were born at the hospital.

What's next for Baby Faces

I'm committed to enhancing the new parent experience and allowing a baby's first days to be with some informed, rested, stress free parents. I feel that NYP's commitment to innovation in patient engagement is conducive to the development of this app into a real useful product. It would be my honor to meet and work with anybody at NYP who is interested in working on this together. I have significant app dev experience.

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