Never risk your baby's health, We built for you the perfect context-aware tool to take care of your baby ! Dress your baby according to weather changes and more !


Moms tasks are extremely delicate especially when having a first baby. There are no ways to remember all directions and actions that varies with the certain conditions: While driving or being on a car, mothers should be aware of the baby's safety measures . Weather changes are one of the main threats affecting the delicate babies health. Weather changes are, in most cases, unpredictable and that is why we thought of building a smart app to help all moms around the world.

What it does

1) Smart weather: Predicts the weather changes and provide the adequate clothes, advises according to the predictions. 2) Smart people: Gives the moms in the same geographic area the opportunity to share tips and advises. 3) Smart activity: Notifies the Moms while driving or in a car to take the necessary measures to protect the baby.

How we built it

We started from a simple idea to take care of a context aware app guiding Moms taking care of babies delicate health. Bassem took care of programming challenges while Zayen was in charge of UI/UX.

Challenges we ran into

It is the first SWIFT based app to Bassem, the first UI/UX experience for Zayen in an iOS project. Trnql integration according to the planned idea was a challenging but funny experience, we thank the support team that was so responsive to our requests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building and publishing a first iOS app with a whole new and innovative context aware SDK and discovering its full capabilities following a project based procedure. Translating the main idea in details, feedback from moms that we showed the project to, and most of all, helping moms around the world accomplish the vocation of taking care of their babies.

What we learned

A context aware SDK can save alot of time and effort to build a full system capable of doing the same tasks. Since we are responsible of shipping more than 40 mobile projects per year, we are definitely going to use Trnql in our next projects.

What's next for Baby Care

Evolution of functions according to feedback. The Android version is still on its first steps. A second application on another device for the baby capable of tracing the state and the place of the baby and send it to the first device. this way, mothers can monitor the baby's condition even when they are at work. A web app to monitor and save all the data and manage accounts.

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