With a high rate of early pregnancies among women in Kenya, female children in both primary and secondary school are increasingly being affected. One of the most damaging side effects of this phenomenon in Kenya is that once pregnant, many girls face barriers such as a lack of awareness among school administrators about laws on early pregnancy and schooling, severe time constraints due to care work, and even familial beliefs that deny them the right to continue their education.

What it does

Baby Buddy is a webpage to educate women in Kenya about pregnancy. It highlights the nine stages of pregnancy with information on the do's and the don'ts in order to achieve a successful pregnancy such as foods to eat/avoid and types of exercises to engage in. It also provides the signs and symptoms of each stage of pregnancy for women who are unsure if they are pregnant or which stage of pregnancy they are in.

Challenges we ran into

With no health care experience, we had to be extremely cautious in ensuring that the information we found online is valid. Because of time constraints, we were unable to go into in depth details of each stage of pregnancy therefore we had to generalize our facts in a way that would be applicable to the majority. We also were faced with the challenge of presenting the information we deemed to be valid in manner that is understandable to the majority of individuals while maintaining a web style that encourages users to learn.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of the amount of reliable information we were able to find in a short period of time given that none of us had any health care experience. We are also proud of the fact that we were able to transpose the information to a user friendly UI that encourages readers to learn.

What we learned

The information is key! We want to educate our users in the best possible way, so it is crucial that we find information that is valid and reliable.

What's next for Baby Buddy

  • Expand our database of information through health care professionals
  • Have the contents of Baby Buddy accessible offline in form of a mobile application.
  • Inspire Kenya to implement sexual education within their early education system.
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