The inspiration for this product actually came from some of our team members' personal experiences. When the team collectively brainstormed together during the 10:00 - 11:00PDT period, a few members shared their experiences with climate change and how it connected their own school communities. This proved to be the seed of inspiration for our product, as this is an issue that impacts everyone- no matter what race, ethnicity, region, or age they are. From here, Baby Blue team created an innovative and modern social-media application that is multi-purpose and inclusive for all peoples and communities.

What it does

Ethos Climate is an application designated for climate change information sharing and communication, connecting users from smaller scale forums which are mere neighborhood sizes to as large as topics which include people from all over the globe. It's designed not only to be a social media, but also as a place where informative and reliable information can be taken in and discussed, as well as acted upon. Users have the ability to create a profile, tailoring their explore page for updates, tips, articles, and fellow eco-enthusiasts in and around their area and communities, as well as across the world. This allows for simple and effective information sharing, as well as various other features to better the user-interface interaction, which are explained in our product demonstration.

How we built it

Ethos Climate is a mobile app, created on a simple and accessible interface. The app is created with the user experience and accessibility as the top priority. Our team used Canva to create the Ethos Climate logo, and then built the rest of the user-experience design on Figma - which includes all of the pages and models of our application. Other applications that were used for our product design were Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro for our video editing.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the challenges that our team ran into were at the beginning of our brainstorming, where we were debating on what type of an application would pertain to all communities across the world. This was solved by the idea of "Climate Change" as a solution and an idea that includes and connects all communities. Some other minor challenges were wifi and connection issues with a few of the members, slowing down some of our work and efficiency in which our team was able to output our product. Two of our team members are also hackathon first-timers, so navigating the ins and outs of this entire event proved to be somewhat difficult, but with helpful team members and the right amount of communication, it definitely proved to be a relatively smooth ride.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Baby Blue is definitely proud of being able to create a prototype of an application effectively in such a short time frame, as well as being able to collaborate and communicate with our team members.

What we learned

A few of our team members are quite new to Figma, so it was an interesting experience to test out and to learn about. We also learned that splitting the roles makes the creation of a larger-scale project much easier as a team.

What's next for Baby Blue - Ethos Climate (EC)

Ethos Climate plans to expand on this product in the future, and we look upon various changes and additional features to our product as we continue to improve it. One of such features is “streaming”, like mentioned before. Others include different buttons or functions which make user-product interaction easier and innovative.

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