Problem - What

If you ever go to a barber shop you might have experienced that you have to wait even hours before you have your turn to get your services done. This amplifies if barber's known person / relative comes along and barber entertains him first by breaking the queue or if it’s a weekend or any special occasion.

Solution - Product

BabuFY.ME offers a Mobile platform where customers can scan their faces and can see in real time how a particular service(s) will look like on them (using AI). Then they can see which businesses (barbers) are offering such services in nearest vicinity and at what price; and finally, they can make a booking for the required service(s).

Business Plan

Initially we take pilot from whole population of Rawalpindi. The pilot sample are collected from 5 different locations.

  • Ghori Town (5)
  • Garden Town (5)
  • Satellite Town (5)
  • Rawal Town (5)


  • Reach out to Barbers to sign up our app


  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

Sustainability & Monetization

On confirmation of order we charge

  • 1% from customer
  • 2% from business (barber)
  • Additional surge factors in peak demand

Salient Features

  • One window for customers nearest vicinity
  • Filtering based on selected criteria e.g. price, rating, distance, and related
  • Rating of Barber/customers
  • Barbers can create promotions / discounts
  • Delivering quality barber services
  • Helpful / convenient for Travelers

What's next for BabuFY.ME

Women App (BilloRani.ME) Promotions Introduce Artificial Intelligence i.e. app take photo of customer and show him the best suitable hair styles and other services options

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